“Recruiting can be tough, but keep your head up and prepare as much as you need to until you feel comfortable with expressing your approaches to the problem and writing it out in code.”

Post by Erika Tan, second year UTCS Student

“To be simply in the field isn’t enough to help increase diversity. You must help empower others to join you”

Post by America Quistiano, third year UTCS student

“As a student, seeing the “other side” of our classes is really interesting. The amount of thought that goes into the way that our courses are designed is usually invisible to students.”

“I can definitely say I feel more fulfilled and confident at this point in my graduate education than I did at the same time point of my undergraduate education”

Post by Nadhini Lakuduva (current UTCS student in Integrated Masters Program)

“Recognize what you are good at and what sets you apart from others. Then, make sure you surround yourself with peers and management that appreciates what you bring to the table.”

Post by Aila Enos - UTCS Alumnus, Software Engineer at Microsoft

Post by Megan Mealey (UTCS Junior)

“As we slowly overcome each obstacle and master each step, we are becoming more and more confident in our ability as computer scientists of the future. And frankly, that’s what empowerment means.”

By Jennifer Saeling

By Anwesha Roy

Texas WiCS

Women in Computer Science @ UT Austin! Learn more about us and our mission at https://www.cs.utexas.edu/~wics/

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